138 Walks

A mixed-media story about discovering my self in space and time


In Grade Six I calculated it would be 12 years until I was free: I would be done with my formal education.

From then on I kept a list of places I would travel to when I was free: Nubian Rock Churches, the Trophy of Augustus, Lake Turkhana, Mount Erebus, Eldorado.

Fast forward 12 years and I am finished school: the Year of Travel began a few weeks ago in London, England.
Since arriving in the UK, I have made my way northwards. On the way I have walked Hadrian’s Wall, the pilgrims route to the Holy Island of Lindisfairne, and the windblown heaths and bogs of the Shetland Islands.

Yet, despite 12 years of planning, I have decided to return home after only a month.  Something inside me has changed.  I felt it first on Lindisfairne when I was looking out over the tidal flat one misty morning… but since then it has continued to grow.  My spirit for adventure is not quenched… but I am drawn home. I will continue “The Year of Travel” from there.

Within days of being back I find myself walking and cycling through my neighbourhood, past places I have been to thousands of times before. I go out at night; savouring the solitude and quiet. I move through a very familiar environment, but see it with new eyes; the eyes of a traveler.