Balsam Savanna Food Forest

Fall Farm Weekend

Thanks to everyone who came out to the farm this October. It was such a sight, to see all three wheelbarrows in use, and accomplishing things in minutes instead of hours. Unfortunately the Sunday was rainy, but the Saturday was glorious. We completed the paths, planted a bunch of spring tubers, and harvested radishes, carrots, sunchokes, kale, chard, chives, and much more.



Gelly, Io, Luke, Ben, and Lily wash carrots and sunchokes.


Below Sonja and Io are cleaning sunchockes — we roasted them later that evening in the wood-fired oven, with carrots. yum.


Lunch feast!  So many good people, eats — and such perfect weather!






Tal is planting the crocus and tulip bulbs, with a construction paper sheet and then 12″ of woodships (the local Utility Company delivered a huge mountain of woodchips for us — for free!)

Zak surveying the fields.

A photo as we leave, back to the city.


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