Utopia: A Permacultural Vision

Utopia: A Permacultural Vision eBook launch anouncement

I am very excited to share at the story I have been writing for the past two years about a world where permacultural design and earthcare ethics are common, is in the hands of my editor for a final edit… and is almost ready to launch!


COVID-19 and Import Replacement

The Covid-19 Pandemic will have an impact on the project of globalization. For instance, the lack of domestic production of basic medical equipment, chemicals, and prophylactic’s, means that countries must “stand in line” for supplies.

Just-in-time delivery approaches to not just healthcare, but all sectors have left supply chains very thin. People are worried. All countries in the world right now have the same needs, for the same items… yet the economies of the world are largely paused. How can the markets respond to the COVID-19?