Utopia: A Permacultural Vision

Utopia: A Permacultural Vision eBook launch anouncement

I am very excited to share at the story I have been writing for the past two years about a world where permacultural design and earthcare ethics are common, is in the hands of my editor for a final edit… and is almost ready to launch!

It is titled Utopia: A Permacultural Vision and depicts how a society that works with nature rather than against it; co-operates rather than competes; integrates rather than segregates; creates rather than consumes; values diversity as opposed to uniformity; and looks at Earth as the source rather than a resource, looks, feels, smells, sounds, and even tastes.

Often permaculture themed books or resource books are technical, “how-to” guides. This is vital and essential to advancing the practice. However I am trying to take a different route with this story. Instead of focusing on the technicalities, I am trying to evoke the emotional, sensual, and even sexual, implications of permaculture. By doing this I hope to inspire you, and challenge you to work with nature.

Utopia eBook

The book will first launch as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Apple on April 15th. A future hardcover edition is in the initial planning stages.

Please stay tuned to the Utopia: A Permacultural Vision blog category for updates, or use the contact form to request project updates or if you have questions or comments.

The photograph above is a view of the Balsam Savanna Food Forest in the second year. It is an example of working with nature and using aquaculture design principles. You can see more examples here:

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