Permaculture Utopia: A Permacultural Vision

Utopia: A Permacultural Vision – eBook now Available!!

I am very very excited to share with the world the first digital edition of the story “Utopia: A Permacultural Vision”.

You can take a preview of the first chapter of the story here, or grab yourself an EPUB or PDF version of the story and dive in!

As I publish this story, close to 3,500,000,000 people around the world are in lockdown due to a viral pandemic. Inadequate health systems are being overrun, and there is massive uncertainty in the economy, droughts, fires, swarms of locust, you name it. Right now, it is reasonable and important, to question the wisdom of the status quo.  Utopia’s, shed light on alternative ways of living and creating society.


Growing Degree Days for Ontario Permaculture Sites

Due to the geographic distances between regions in Ontario, there is a massive variation in the potential thermal energy that a permaculture site has at it’s disposal. This thermal energy is measured by a metric called Growing Degree Days.