Balsam Savanna Food Forest

Fiddlehead Nursery – Greenhouse

My brother and I went to Fiddlehead Nursery, run by Ben Caesar in the Beaver valley a few weeks ago to pick-up a bunch of edible perennials plants, including sorrel, sea kale, turkish rocket, sweet cicely, and lovage. It was the first time I’ve been to the Beaver Vallay in many years, and it was an extremely beautiful area. The escarpment reminded me of the landscape in Iceland.

One neat feature of the Fiddlehead Nursery is the greenhouse, which has grapes planted in the centre and trellised overhead to create shade in the hot summer sun, as well as a food crop of leaves and grapes. This is an example of permacultural-thinking — stacking functions (food, shade, and a source of cuttings for the nursery).
Ben also took us on an tasing tour of this gardens where we experienced so many different and unusual flavours. I think the most interesting was actualy from the pansy, a flower that had a taste like root beer or cola.
I look forward to visiting the nursery in the coming years to see how it develops.

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